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The process of updating and remodeling your home usually involves making many difficult choices. To maximize the return on your investment, it is important to use classic or timeless designs that will look current for years to come. Shying away from “trendy” remodels is highly recommended, as these trends are often outdated quickly. If you are looking for ways to improve your home and add sustained value, consider these options.

<strong>1. Enhance Lighting </strong>

Many homes lack recessed and overhead light fixtures, leaving homeowners with limited lighting options. Most home buyers are looking for bright, inviting living spaces with a variety of lighting options. Recessed lighting is a wonderful way to brighten up kitchens, living rooms and baths. Ideally, each bedroom in your home should have some sort of overhead lighting. A simple lighting compliment is to update window treatments, preferably using light, neutral fabrics and color.

<strong>2. Front Door Revamp </strong>

Take a walk up to your front door; this is the first impression a guest or potential buyer has of your home. Updating your front door could be a simple as a fresh coat of paint and replacing the handle. If your door is difficult to open or outdated, consider replacing it all together.

<strong>3. Windows </strong>

Windows play a huge role in the efficiency in your home. If you plan to sell new, energy efficient windows are also a big selling feature. “How old are the windows?” is often one of the first questions potential buyer ask. Replacing your windows not only increases energy efficiency, but also instantly enhances curb appeal.

<strong>4. Closet Organization </strong>

Who doesn’t love to open a closet door and be presented with a neat and organized space? Creating the ideal storage solution is often not as difficult or expensive as you would think. Adding a simple closet organization system will not only help reduce unintended clutter, but will also be noticed by potential buyers.

I hope you find these ideas to be practical and helpful. Many homeowners will complete projects such as these when they are getting ready to sell, but why not update, improve and organize your home while you are there to enjoy it!

Author- Amber Papsidero

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